How to Add a Recurring Task in Outlook

If you have some tasks that you need to work on a regular basis every month or every quarter…. you can set up these tasks as recurring tasks to save you the effort of entering tasks. Outlook will remind you when the task comes the next time (please also check how to skip a recurring task once).

Step 1: Click the "Tasks" button to open the Task window;

Step 2: Double click on the task you want to make it recurring (or create a new task) to open the task in the task window;

Step 3: Click the "Recurrence" button on the Task Form toolbar;

Step 4: In the "Task Recurrence" dialog box, choose the Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Yearly option to specify how often the task occurs;

In each option, you will decide one of the 3 options (examples):

- Day 30 every month;
- Last Wednesday of every month;
- Regenerate new task 1 month after each task is completed.

In the Range of recurrence section, specify the end of the task.

Step 5: When all areas are set up, click "OK" at the bottom to close the "Task Recurrence" window;

Step 6: Click "Save & Close" to close the task window;

Step 7: In the "Tasks" window, a circle will be marked on the box in front of the task name.

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