Abolition Day (Saint Barthélemy)

Abolition Day is a public holiday in Saint Barthélemy, observed on October 9 each year. The holiday commemorates the anniversary when slavery was abolished on this day in 1847.

Saint Barthélemy, also known as St. Barths or St. Barts, is an overseas collectivity of France in the Caribbean. The island was not inhabited before Christopher Columbus, the first European to arrive in 1493.

The French West India Company bought the island in 1665 and transferred it to the French Kingdom in 1674. However, due to its unsuccessful economy, the French Kingdom traded the island to Sweden in 1784.

Slavery was practiced when Sweden ruled the island, but slaves were freed in 1847. In the following years, natural disasters destroyed the economy, and Sweden sold the island back to France in 1878.

Saint Barthélemy was administrated as part of the overseas region of Guadeloupe for many years. In 2007, the island became a French Overseas Collectivity following a referendum in 2003.

The following is the list of Abolition Day in Saint Barthélemy from 2022 to 2026.

Abolition DayOct 09, 2022Sunday
Abolition DayOct 09, 2023Monday
Abolition DayOct 09, 2024Wednesday
Abolition DayOct 09, 2025Thursday
Abolition DayOct 09, 2026Friday

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