4 Ways to Insert Bullets

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You may need to insert bullets when working with Excel, unfortunately, Excel did not provide a direct way to insert bullets like the way in Word. Here are 4 ways you can use to Insert Bullets!

Method 1: Using Excel Shortcuts

The most convenient way to insert bullets is using Excel shortcuts "Alt+7" and "Alt+9", where the numbers 7 and 9 are from the Number Pad.

If you have multiple lines in the cell, please use Alt+Enter to insert a new line within the cell.

If your computer does not have a separate Number Pad, you need to find the "Num Lock" key to turn your number keys on.

Method 2: Using Symbols

Step 1: Double click the cell you are working;

Step 2: Click Insert Tab from the Ribbon;

Step 3: Click the Symbols command on the right;

Select 4: Select "Box drawing" from the "Subset" box and select the bullets from the list, then click the Insert button;

Method 3: Excel Char Function

The Char function will convert a number into the specified character.

Method 4: Custom Cells

This is to format each cell to have the bullets instead of inserting multiple bullets in one cell.

Step 1: Highlight cells (or columns) you are working with;

Step 2: Right click, and click Format Cells;

Step 3: In "Format Cells" window, click "Custom" on the left navigation bar, then type "• General" 4 times with semi-colons between (positive number, negative number, zero and text).

Step 4: Each cell will come with a bullet.

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