Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day

Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day, also known as St. John the Baptist Day in English, is a religious feast day in several countries, such as Canada, Spain, Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, and it is observed on June 24 each year.

John the Baptist is one of the well-known figures in the Bible, and he was born of aged parents Zachariah and Elizabeth, through the intercession of God. He lived a rugged life in the mountainous area of Judea, between the city of Jerusalem and the Dead Sea, and began public ministry when he grew up, which attracted large crowds in the area.

When Jesus came to be baptized by John in the River Jordan, John recognized the sinless Son of God who needed no baptism, but he did when Jesus told John to baptize Him anyway. Following his baptism of Christ, John the Baptist's ministry grew so much that it caused King Herod's upset, and he arrested John the Baptist.

Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day in Quebec, Canada, celebrates the Francophone culture and its history. It has been an official holiday in Quebec since 1925, first brought to Canada by French settlers.

The following is the list of Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day from 2022 to 2026.

Saint-Jean-Baptiste DayJun 24, 2022Friday
Saint-Jean-Baptiste DayJun 24, 2023Saturday
Saint-Jean-Baptiste DayJun 24, 2024Monday
Saint-Jean-Baptiste DayJun 24, 2025Tuesday
Saint-Jean-Baptiste DayJun 24, 2026Wednesday

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