How to Join Cells Together

The CONCAT function is one of the text functions that allow you to join two or more cells together. The CONCAT function is only available from Excel 2019, if you are using an earlier version, please use the CONCATENATE function or the ampersand sign (&).

Example: To join First Name and Last Name together

When using the CONCAT function to directly link cells B2 and C2 together, we get the result of "FirstLast", which has no space between:


To format the results nicer, we can add a space between the names. When using the CONCAT function, quotation marks are needed for any content other than the numbers. Please see the formulas below:

=CONCAT(B2," ",C2)


1. Using the formula of the ampersand (&) can achieve the same results;

2. In Excel 2016, the CONCATENATE function is replaced with the CONCAT function. CONCATENATE function is still working In Excel 2016, but it may not be available in future versions.

Download CONCATENATE Function

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