Below is the list of 17 useful trigonometry functions, please see below for details or check all the Excel functions here:

ACOS FunctionAcos(Num)
ACOSH FunctionAcosh(Num)
ACOT FunctionAcot(Num)
ACOTH FunctionAcoth(Num)
ASIN FunctionAsin(Num)
ASINH FunctionAsinh(Num)
ATAN FunctionAtan(Num)
ATAN2 FunctionAtan2(X_Num, Y_Num)
ATANH FunctionAtanh(Num)
COS FunctionCos(Num)
COSH FunctionCosh(Num)
CSCH FunctionCsch(Num)
SECH FunctionSech(Num)
SIN FunctionSin(Num)
SINH FunctionSinh(Num)
TAN FunctionTan(Num)
TANH FunctionTanh(Num)